Taking care of ‘Notre Dame Biblio’

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Wednesday January 21st, 2015 and the days that followed were customary busy days for the ‘Les Volontaires du Lycee de Grombalia’ club members. During my visit the newly-refurbished and repainted school library ‘Notre Dame Biblio’, I found a dedicated group of volunteers wearing surgical masks while dusting the whole place and cleaning piles of books.

Supervised by our French teacher Mr. Rached, some other members of the dynamic club were repairing damaged books while another group of students were busy writing all book titles on pieces of paper. I have been told that the library will soon be equipped with a computer, which will definitely make the valuable books in the library both easy to access and use.

Our School in Madrid!

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Shorty after winning e-Twinning’s second prize at the national level, Grombalia Secondary School participated in the Madrid Seminar which was held in the Spanish capital on November 13, 14 and 15, 2014. Our school was represented in the important event by our Spanish teacher Miss NAJOUA SLATNIA.

Miss Najoua has told us that the seminar was a great opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues related to the participants’ experiences in e-Twinning and a chance to exchange ideas. Miss Slatnia has also informed us that her visit to the Spanish ministry of education, culture and sports was very productive. During her visit to the place, she met the people in charge of the ministry and a number of her Spanish colleagues who gave her a thorough idea about their educational system and expressed their admiration for our students’ performance.

It is worth mentioning that Tunisia was the only Arab nation present at the event!

My School

   We have created this video to introduce our school to the public. Most of the pictures used in this video were taken by the group of learners in Tech Age Pupils club, but we have also used pictures from other sources after taking their owners’ permission.

   Short as it may seem, this video gives a brief historical account of Grombalia secondary School and sheds some light on the extracurricular activities our students are engaged in. We really think it is a must-watch!


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  Les Volontaires Du Lycée de Grombalia is undoubtedly one of the most active and dynamic clubs in Grombalia Secondary School. The club was established by a number of devoted teachers and committed students who have given a lot of their precious time and valuable effort to repair, refurbish or clean some parts of the school.

  One of the worth mentioning projects of this great club is their intention to repair and renovate one of oldest rooms in the Continue reading Voluntarism

A brief historical account of Grombalia Secondary School

My school brochure

 Established as early as the year 1964, Grombalia Secondary School is definitely one of the most celebrated educational institutions in the entire nation. It opened its doors on September 15 of that year to 591 students (both boys and girls) and within a short time it developed a solid reputation. The school’s main objective was to stimulate students to achieve a high academic level right from the time it started to receive its knowledge-thirsty students. The total number of Continue reading A brief historical account of Grombalia Secondary School

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