Tech Age Pupils club

 ‘Tech Age Pupils: smarter kids for a brighter future’ is the first club of its kind in the history of Grombalia Secondary School. I have created it as part of my six-month TAT (Tech Teachers Tunisia) training in the integration of technology in education. As soon as I told the students about my intention to launch this club, they welcomed the idea of joining it despite their busy timetables.

 Right from the beginning of my work with the 13 members of the club, we created our own blog in which I write posts about the activities of the club illustrated with pictures. The club members have shown a great desire to learn the technology I present to them. They have created email accounts and now can send emails and attach objects to them while respecting email etiquette. They are now able to send me their club homework for correction.

 More importantly, I have taught my club members how to create stories and make four to five-minute films about a topic of their choice using the appropriate free tools. But that’s not all!

In the upcoming training sessions, the techagepupils club members are going to learn plenty of other techniques as part of well-studied syllabus that I have tailored according to the students’ abilities.

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