Giving without expecting in return

 Getting an education is certainly what our students are at school for. Yet, Grombalia Secondary School students do have another good reason: being a useful member of society! Equipped with a will to help their needy school mates and a desire to give without expecting anything in return, they have shown an untiring determination to do volunteer work.

  Supervised by a number of dedicated teachers, Les Volontaires Du Lycée de Grombalia have done a lot for the benefit of
their school and school fellows. Their work involves collecting old books and other school supplies at the end of every academic year to distribute them later on to students who need them to start a new school year with grateful smiles.

  But that’s not all. This group of hard-working young volunteers have also helped paint the school library and classrooms as the pictures above show. They never fail to clean the rooms and repair the broken doors, window panes and desks.

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