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  Les Volontaires Du Lycée de Grombalia is undoubtedly one of the most active and dynamic clubs in Grombalia Secondary School. The club was established by a number of devoted teachers and committed students who have given a lot of their precious time and valuable effort to repair, refurbish or clean some parts of the school.

  One of the worth mentioning projects of this great club is their intention to repair and renovate one of oldest rooms in the entire school. Situated in the western part of the school, this majestic room was once used as a drawing room till the late 1990s. Mr Rached Jirandi, one of the founders of Les Volontaires Du Lycée de Grombalia has told me that he intends to repair the room in collaboration with his club members and some now wealthy old students of Grombalia Secondary School.

 The club members and their responsible teachers devote their free time, the weekends as well as the holidays to do some voluntary work in the room which they intend to transform into a very  modern and well-equipped  multipurpose room.


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