A brief historical account of Grombalia Secondary School

My school brochure

 Established as early as the year 1964, Grombalia Secondary School is definitely one of the most celebrated educational institutions in the entire nation. It opened its doors on September 15 of that year to 591 students (both boys and girls) and within a short time it developed a solid reputation. The school’s main objective was to stimulate students to achieve a high academic level right from the time it started to receive its knowledge-thirsty students. The total number of students and staff soared to 2966 students and 149 teachers and 91 administrators and workers in the academic year 1996 / 1997.

According to the school’s data card that I have recently obtained from the school’s present headmaster, 1868 students enrolled in the school in the current school year (783 boys and 1085 girls). Grombalia Secondary School also hosts 56 students from neighbouring areas as full- boarders in its two dormitories.

  Located in the town centre, Grombalia Secondary School occupies 60192 square meters, 27507 square meters of which are covered. The whole area is fenced with a 1200-long wall. It has 55 classrooms, 12 laboratories, 12 administrative offices, 3 clubs and 6 sports facilities.

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